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第十八届中国国际煤炭采矿技术交流及设备展览会于10月30日在京举办,萧爱(中国)总经理Scott Carlson、副总经理李云鹏、技术服务部经理于明、萧爱总部抑尘项目负责人Mark Walde,以及销售部、技术服务部、采购部、生产部等同事参加了本届展会。

The 18th China Coal & Mining Expo was held in Beijing on October 30. Managing Director Scott Carlson, Vice Managing Director Li Yunpeng, Technical Service Manager Yu Ming, Shaw Almex Dust suppression Project Manager Mark Walde, as well as colleagues from the sales department, the technical service department, the purchasing department, the production department attended this exhibitio


                                                 展馆掠影Picture of the Exhibition Hall




                                        Group photo of MD and colleagues in front of our booth



The banner theme of the 18th edition—“Enable automation, Envisage sustainability”—was evident throughout the exhibition. The Expo showcased the accomplishments of both manufacturers and users in adopting technologies that enable automation for solving the challenges of today and tomorrow. At this year’s China Coal & Mining Expo, 600 companies and organizations from China and 19 other countries, including Australia, Germany, the UK and the US, staged the latest products and technologies across a show floor exceeding 80,000 sqm, total 6 exhibition halls. 





                                        Poster for Three Product Lines in the exhibition


Compared with the previous exhibition in 2017, this exhibition has significantly improved in the number of exhibitors, the scale and the quality of visitors.

In this exhibition, Shaw Almex China displayed three major product lines: vulcanizers, Fusion products and chemical dust suppression system. During the exhibition, company leaders, sales colleagues and technical service colleagues had cordial and friendly talks and exchanges with the leaders and technical personnel of a number of companies. Many customers have expressed the hope that they could continue to strengthen communication and in-depth cooperation with our company in the future. After the end of the exhibition, sales colleagues actively visited and contacted to lay the foundation for in-depth cooperation in the future. As the world's leading conveyor belt vulcanization and maintenance experts, Shaw Almex has been adhering to the concept of win-win cooperation with customers. In the future, we will continue to improve products and to provide customers with a more comprehensive range of technology and services!




                            Technical Manager  were answering the questions from the visitors



                               Our SVP attracted lots of attention in the show